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This is a side blog dedicated to the Skulduggery Pleasant series and especially to those two codependent best friends.

Not spoiler-free!

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What Hogwarts House do you think the SP characters would be in?
I think Skul would be a Ravenclaw, he’s a genius, and his most distinguishable characteristic is probably his intelligence.
Valkyrie is very loyal, ambitious and defensive, but she’s also very selfish, so she’s most likely to be a…

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people who think i’m kidding when I say my plans for the summer are to “read and cry” 


theories for the end of sp:

  • everyone dies
  • everyone but skul dies
  • everyone but val dies
  • skul has to kill val/darquesse
  • val has to be sealed away forever like argeddion
  • skul never talks to val again before he kills darquesse
  • everyone but scapegrace and thrasher dies

aka. fuck



The Light Behind Your Eyes by My Chemical Romance gives me major Skul&Val feels (Idontshipthemromanticallybutasbestfriendsok) and I just

"So long to all of my friends
Everyone of them met tragic ends
With every passing day
I’d be lying if I didn’t say
That I miss them all tonight
And if…

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I can’t wait until we get an SP movie, but there’s two things I’m afraid of:

1) the fans


Cuz we’ll get:

  • newbies who think they own the franchise
  • fans who make fun of newbies and treat them like shit
  • fans who hate the characters for not being the colours/images they thought…


Donegan and Gracious driving around in their car and Gracious just turns to Donegan and starting singing Disney songs.

'Donegan, Do you wanna build a snowman?' 

'go away.'

'Or ride our bikes around the halls!'

'Im trying to drive.' 

'I think company is over due, I've started talking to the pictures on the wall' 

'please stop.' 

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Well I don’t know about the light but I’m certainly dying.

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Art belongs to Tom Percival

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Me: *reads LSODM*
Me: *reaches chapter 51*
Me: *internal screaming*
Me: *stands up*
Me: *walks around*
Me: *sits back down*
Me: *keeps on reading*
Me: *is finished*
Me: *more internal screaming*
Me: *goes into the living room to annoy my parents*
Me: I hate him.
Me: I hate his books. I hate everything. My life is over. I have to wait another year for the next book and everything sucks and my life is OVER.
Mum: Please don't tell me you finished the book in one day.
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second batch!!



alt: image


the first one is literally lsodm

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